Sunday, March 9, 2014

Spring Break Day 2, Let it Go!

After church today, we went to lunch at Northpark with some friends, and then played in the courtyard and of course visited the Disney Store.  Char, Amelia, Kim and I were at the back of the store looking at the Frozen stuff, when Let it Go came on the music video area.  Charlotte jerked her head up with the first beat of the song and gasped.  Then she abruptly dropped her Frozen book and ran over to the screen to sing along. 
There were lots of people there, but that sweet girl didn't even notice any of them because y'all, her song was on.  She was singing as loud as you can imagine and dancing around in front of the screen like it was her broadway stage.  A little boy beside us asked about her and his mom said, "It's just a girl who really likes that song."  The adults were chuckling at her, and even the other kids stopped singing and watching the screen for a moment to stare at her.  She gets so into it, that it's hard not to watch.  I pulled out my phone to video it and a woman walked behind me and asked if she was mine.  When I told her yes, she said, "You need to get her into acting lessons."  That girl definitely belongs on the stage!
I'm completely depressed about this, but the whole time I thought I was filming, I wasn't.  I was just pointing my phone at her, not videoing a single second.  Boo!  I did get some still shots of her, though, so you'll have to use your imagination...
 She's in the middle with the grey-topped dress and black belt...
I love how carefree and oblivious of everyone she is when she's singing.  It's like watching pure joy.  I wish she could keep that innocence and naivety forever.  It's so refreshing to see it as a woman who is overly concerned about what others think and always hyper-aware of my surroundings.
Looking forward to years of many more performances from her!

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