Monday, September 5, 2011


Whenever we ask Hunter where he wants to go for dinner, he always says Chuck E Cheese.  Now, I'm not sure how often y'all frequent good ole CEC's, but the major selling point isn't the cuisine.  So sadly, Hunter's choice often gets vetoed because if we're going to spend $35 on dinner, the food better be good.

Well today was Hunter's lucky day because we decided to spend our Labor Day celebration at his favorite place.  Both kids had a blast...except for when Charlotte got stuck in the playscape and I had to climb up there to shove her down the slide.  Amazingly she stopped herself halfway down so I had to send her brother in to ride the rest of the way with her.  Poor baby.  Her face was completely tear stained as she and her brother turned the corner to escape the slide.

Other than that moment of hysteria, we had a great time.  And the pizza really wasn't as bad as I had remembered it either...