Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Excuses, Excuses

I've been a to-tal slacker this month with the blog posts. So, to those of you who faithfully check my blog several times a day hoping to see a new post (right), I've compiled a list of excuses for you.

1. Our lives have been extremely busy (see 2 - 8 below)

2. We have to make sure we schedule at least 1 good torture session (a.k.a. tummy time) per day. Hunter is actually starting to like it as long as we're laughing the entire time. James discovered this. I guess because he laughs at almost everything (which, by the way, is a very important quality to have in a spouse - As my friend Matt once pointed out, it's easy to know when I'm joking because I always laugh at my own jokes. Well HA HA, Matt, now at least I know that James will laugh with me). I do feel like a complete idiot laughing in order to get Hunter to enjoy tummy time, though, because I am not the greatest laugher on cue so my laughs end up sounding really stupid and fake, and Hunter just stares at me like I'm an idiot until his dad makes him smile again.

3. Two words - bath time. Okay, so this doesn't really take that long. I just wanted y'all to see this picture because it's way cute.

4. We've been playing with Hunter's new toys. My favorite (not his yet, but I'm diligently working on it) is his new Rainforest Jumperoo thingy.

5. Then there's Hunter's favorite toy - the mail. Yes, it is pathetic. He quickly tires of all of his Baby Einstein, Fisher Price, and Leap Frog treasures, but that kid LOVES the mail, especially eating it. So as any good mother would do, I try to give him at least 5 minutes a day reading, crumpling, and chewing the mail.

6. Exercise! Calm down! I know that was shocking for you to read because you were probably thinking I meant for me and y'all know exercise is seriously not one of my priorites. You can re-gather yourself though, because the exercise is for Hunter. He is sitting SO WELL! I am so proud of him!

7. I've been reading the BEST BOOK OF MY LIFE. Y'all I sobbed. We're talking serious weeping here. I woke up the next morning with a horrible headache and still had a stuffy nose. I highly recommend it! (I don't know what that "search inside!" thing is on the picture, but I don't have time to look for another one). If you're going to read it, I'd read her other book Something Borrowed first. It's not as good (still good, though!), but it will help you to appreciate Something Blue better.

8. And then there's tons of things that James and I have had that don't revolve around Hunter - wedding showers, baby showers, church activities, meals with friends and family, etc, etc. It's also football season, and y'all know my husband and football. I'm not complaining about this - the social activities, not the football. I LOVE a full calendar and a FULL fridge (which mine is right now). Not the inside, but the outside - covered with many invites. Y'all know I rarely have a full fridge on the inside. It never ceases to amaze me when I look in other people's fridge's and see how full they are. I seriously need to stock up on some food. But, y'all know me - not the best cook around, so. . .

(Sorry I have no picture for this number. Unfortunately I've turned into one of those annoying women who only takes pictures of her kid.)

Also, I haven't forgotten about the video of Hunter's squealing noise. I did video it, but it's probably not going to get posted, because the kind of dvd that we have in our video camera requires you to finish recording on the whole thing before you can download it or upload it or whatever. He's really started to chill with making that noise anyway.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sweet Sweet Ease

So today was the casting for Hunter's second DOC band. He did AMAZING. We're talking no tears and extremely minimal semi-screams that were quickly stopped by the Sweet Ease (or liquid gold as James kept calling it) that I brought from work. This stuff is incredible. Last time during the casting Hunter screamed for over half of it. This time when he started to get a little upset, I just redipped his pacifier in my magic potion and his voice changed to this relaxed, soothed "uh uh uh" while he was sucking. I totally felt like the best mom ever.

I also used the Sweet Ease yesterday for Hunter's 6 month (can y'all belive it, SIX MONTHS ALREADY!) shots. He screamed when the needle went in, but immediately after I picked him up he started smiling and laughing. Maybe he just has a sweet tooth (obviously inhereted from his mother, although James does like sweets more than the average guy so I guess the odds were against Hunter). I better chill or he might quickly become addicted to this stuff. I can hear him now, "must. have. sweet. now." Just like my Coke addiction (coca cola, obviously.). I'm not ashamed. I love that stuff. I NEED it. It makes me truuuuly happy. Maybe I should go find a cocaholics anonymous meeting. There are many of you that could join me - except for you would need to attend a drpepperholics meeting, which although I do order sometimes, could never replace Coke in my heart.

So here are some once again PRECIOUS pics of Hunter's not too bad experience thanks to that wonderful Sucrose and water mixture.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Music To My Ears

Hunter has really been demonstrating a lot of vocal play lately. He has different sounds for many of his different daily activities. When he's laughing and playing with his friends or family he makes these deep "uh" sounds.

When he's eating his rice cereal (we started on Monday!) he makes these satisfied "um" sounds.

When he's riding in the car he makes these repetitive "ah" sounds that vary in pitch in length. (No car pictures. . . I'm such a slacker).

His new favorite sound though, which spans all activity, location and company is this high pitched, shrill squeal. At first I thought it was cute. Then, he started doing it ALL DAY LONG. This is definitely enough to drive a woman crazy. I'm charging my video camera right now so that I can record Hunter the next time he does it (which I'm sure will be the instant he wakes up from his nap) so that I can share it with all of my loyal blog reading friends. Think of this as sort of my tease or trailer for the fabulous movie to come. Not that you'd spend $10.50 to see it. Heck, I don't even spend $10.50 to see a major motion picture. . . unless it is that new movie with Amanda Bynes where she's kicked out of the sorority. Yes, I admit it. I'm going to see the new cheesy Amanda Bynes movie with I'm sure a theater full of 12 year olds. Why? Because the sorority that she gets kicked out of is referred to as none other than "Kappa" in all of the previews. And what sorority was I in? That's right. Kappa. I know I'm gay. I told 3 of my sorority sisters at brunch this morning that I was so seeing this movie and none of them seemed to jump on the band wagon with me. I'll be there though. Even if I'm alone. Okay, I've gotten carried away. Everyone knows I don't do movies alone. But I will be there even if I have to drag a friend with me. Molly (who is often my movie going partner) you should maybe start avoiding my phone calls soon, because I might just have to drag you with me. And I might just have to wear my Go Kappa shirt to the theater.

Okay, I've SERIOUSLY digressed. Stay tuned for a video clip of the most annoying noise ever!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wobbly Boy, Clumsy Girl

So yesterday while I was playing with Hunter on his mat on the floor, I was so proud of how well he is starting to support himself while sitting alone. He uses his abdominal muscules to pull himself back towards the center whenever he starts to lean to the side or back. This, however, is not the case every time he starts to lean, so he lost his balance and fell backward multiple times. Luckily, he thought this was a game, smiling and laughing with each fall.

This got me thinking about how clumsy I am. I constantly have bruises on my legs and cannot identify the source of a good 95% of them. I have never been a graceful girl, but amazingly I have never broken a bone or had to have stitches due to an accident. I have unfortunately suffered much embarrassment at the hands of my clumsiness. Here is a run down of my minor disasters.

5th grade: Walked into into my friend Alaina's storm door while leaving her birthday party. Luckily there were no cuts or bruises, just an achy nose and flushed cheeks from the horror of it.

8th grade: Sprained the growth plate in my ankle at cheerleading camp. . . while running back to the dorm to get pizza. At least I can do cheerobics without hurting myself! Luckily there's not much running involved in cheerleading.

11th grade: Fall on my face in front of my entire high school (and several GHS alums and parents) while attempting to tumble out during half time at our playoff game at SMU. Did I mention it was raining? That will be my excuse. This has nothing to do with my lack of grace. Unlike the 5th grade incident, I did walk away from this with significant physical evidence of my clumsiness. The skin was scraped off of several spots on my face. I can still see the horror in my fellow cheerleaders' faces as they looked at me. To add even more insult to injury, upon my return to school one of my teachers' comments was, "Oh Carole, it doesn't look as bad as everyone's been saying." Good. Way to build me up. Then to make it even worse, later my freshman year of college (yes, col-lege) I was in the bathroom at a fraternity party when some girl I've never seen approaches me and says, "Weren't you a cheerleader at Garland High School? Yeah, weren't you that one who fell on her face that time?" Thanks for the memories. I really wanted to re-live that with all of my college girlfriends.

Junior in college: Fall, yet again, while running down the sidewalk toward my friends' apartment. I still have the scar on my hand to prove it. I was in flip flops. . . uh, and jeans. . . yeah, yeah it was the jeans! Who wouldn't fall while attempting to run without the appropriate shoes (and with long jeans to trip over)?

June 2006 (I'm out of grades in school to qualify my age with, so we'll just have to go with the date): Fall (shocking!) out of the wedding party bus after pulling up to the church at James' good friend Deeg's wedding. I completely RUINED my shoes and had blood and scratches all over the palms of my hand and my knees. . . and I got to be referred to as "that girl that fell off the bus" for the rest of the weekend. Smooth.

Note of interest: (I actually debated including this because it just makes me look like even more of a clutz, but I guess it's pretty obvious if you know me) I had not consumed any alcohol in any of the above scenarios. Most of you know I don't really care for the stuff. Just a good ole lack of coordination.

And since I can't publish a post without a pic of my baby boy. Here is some Bumbo cuteness!

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Sicky Sick Sick

Here's a synopsis of my week.

Wake up. Feel horrible pain in my throat every time I swallow (which seems like every 5 seconds). Send James to church to work the nursery on his own (later find out that he got stuck in the toddler room - not good). Go to Primacare. Wait. Watch that movie with Dennis Quaid where he is a baseball coach and tries out to be a pitcher for the pros. What's it called? Oh, The Rookie (James is reading over my shoulder as I type). Wait some more. Watch more of the movie, straining to make out the dialogue because they have an 80s mix blaring through the speakers as well as the TV volume turned up. Wait more. Finally my name is called! Alas, right as I walk through the door, the nurse sends me back because there's an "active bleeder" in the waiting room who takes priority over me. Stupid man. What is he thinking almost cutting his finger off. DOESN'T HE KNOW MY THROAT IS KILLING ME! Finally 2 hours later I walk out with a negative strep culture and an antibiotic. Sleep ALL day.

It's Labor Day, but I'm scheduled to work. Wake up. Feel worse than yesterday. Page my boss. Call the nurse's stations to tell them there will be no ST today. Go to bed. Sleep all day.

Wake up. Feel worse (worse!). James calls in because he needs to stay home and take care of Hunter as I am clearly not capable in this state (my husband is the bomb). Go to my doctor's office, but have to see some other doc because mine has a full schedule. Wait a significantly shorter time than at Primacare. My throat is killing me and as I'm waiting in the waiting room my stomach starts hurting. Good. Go back to the exam room and chat with the nurse. Wait and wait and wait and wait for the doctor while WRITHING IN PAIN IN THE FETAL POSITION ON THE EXAM TABLE. Feel like I'm going to puke any minute. The door opens and I jump about a mile. The doctor seems very perplexed at my behavior. I keep saying over and over that I don't understand why my stomach is hurting so bad. I tell him, "you know when you have food poisoning and you're laying on the bathroom floor wanting to throw up." He just looks at me like I'm crazy. What! Aren't you a doctor? Don't you see sick people all day? What's so strange about the way I'm acting?! He tells me that he just needs to get some info from me and then he'll examine me (in a very "you need to chill out and stop acting like a baby" tone). He pulls the trash can over and tells me I'm getting pale (duh. I've been telling you I NEED TO VOMIT). He tells me he'll give me a shot, but that someone has to pick me up because I can't drive after. I call James to come pick me up. The doctor also gives me 3 other new meds because my current ones aren't doing a darned thing. I get the shot. . . in my rear. . . and can barely walk out to the waiting room I am so drugged. James drives me home. We stop in our neighborhood for me to open the door and vomit (finally), but to my dismay, there is no relief from the stomach pain. Come home. Sleep. Vomit. Sleep. Vomit. Sleep like a drugged out fool.

Wake up. Still sick, but not worse this day. Sleep all day long - very, very tired. Feel much better by the end of the day.

Wake up. Hooray! My throat is better. No aches! No pain! No shaking! Just weak. Go to work. Come home. Feed Hunter. Play with my baby for the first time in days. Take a 2 hour nap with my son (such an awesome baby for letting me sleep that long). Wake up. Eat dinner. Go for a walk. Bathe Hunter (another first for this week). And now I'm COMPLETELY exhausted. Falling asleep as I'm typing. Why am I doing this and not laying in bed? I'm such a blogging maniac.

The world did go on turning as I lay in bed all week. I missed Hunter's quasi-exit appointment for his DOC band. He is helmet free! At least for a couple of weeks. He looks so different to me without it.