Sunday, June 7, 2009

There's No Business Like Show Business

So it's looking like Hunter is not going to follow in his mommy's footsteps and be a lover of the stage. (Actually if I were to have to get up and perform on stage now, I'd probably have a heart attack from all of the anxiety...that or at least be mortified from the serious pitting out going on as a result of the stress of people staring at me. But growing up - pretty much my entire life until I finished college, I LOVED being the center of attention. This is a completely separate post altogether, though.)
Several weeks ago, we went to Hunter's first ever performance at his school's spring program. When Hunter walked out with his class into the church sanctuary he looked as wide-eyed as I've ever seen him. He was looking through the crowd probably trying to figure out who the heck all of these people were and why they were ooohing and aaaahing at him and his friends - it was the construction paper hats, but obviously he's totally oblivious to the cuteness of wrap around the head school-made hats at this point.
Being the novice show mom that I am, I didn't think about what an idiotic thing it would be to stand up and wave my arms around like a lunatic calling my child's name. Hunter did eventually find me (and Poppy) waving at him in the crowd holding our cameras like the proudest people ever. And about .5 seconds later, he shouted, "Poppy! Mommy!" and started to take off and attempt his get away. Why wouldn't he run to us? Remember we're waving our arms like lunatics and calling his name. Ms. Regina quickly pulled him back into line which resulted in this...

Hunter was able to calm down before his class started singing, but he was so emotionally drained that he just stood there looking terribly frightened not singing one single word of either song. And that boy LOVES him some singing.

I've learned from my mistake, and hopefully next time I can fight the urge to be one of those parents. Yeah. Right. That'll happen.

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Brandie said...

That's funny, poor guy!