Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ummm Yellow

Get ready for more speech path talk y'all. This time it's about my kid, though, and he's totally cute, so I know you're completely excited about what I have to say.

Hunter has had several dysfluencies in his conversational speech lately. (Translation: He's been stuttering a lot when he talks to me.) I didn't worry about it at first because I know it's typical for kids at his age to do this when they're developing MASSIVE amounts of language in their little brains. Okay. I admit I did get a teeny tiny bit concerned when his dysfluencies turned into these same syllable repetitions before almost every phrase he uttered. It was this really nasaly "ma ma ma ma" or "wa wa wa wa" that would come out before he could get his sentence started.

Luckily those days are long gone, and we've replaced it with what we call an interjection in the speech world. Hunter's interjection of choice is "um". It's so interesting to hear your 2 year old say "um" when he's thinking about the answer to a question you've asked him.

He mostly does this at night during our bedtime routine. We read a Bible story and 1 or 2 other books during the putting him down process. For about a month now Hunter has wanted to read The Snake Shapes Book (or as he calls it, "the circle book") every.single.night. I'm getting really sick of it, but there's no fooling him. He will find it when you attempt to hide it...not that I've done that or anything. So he pretty much knows all of his shapes now, except for cylinder and cube (he still calls it box), but the boy can name some crazy ones like diamond and oval and heart...and octagon. Octagon people. I'm telling you, he's obsessed.

As good as he is at his shapes though, he has serious trouble with colors. So now we read "the circle book" and "the color book" every night. Only we should really call it "the yellow book" because every color is yellow. When I point to a page and ask what color it is he consistently replies with, "uuummmm yellow". Like he really needs the "um" anyway. We all know what the answer's gonna be.

The good news...I get a new camera tomorrow, so my posts will be much less speech therapy based. Just for sentimental value - and because there's no way I can post twice in a row with no pictures - here's the last picture I took of Hunter with my old camera. Stupid Kodak.


The May Family said...

6 months ago Molly developed her studder. I freaked... alone I panicked Carole. Why didn't I think to call you... :0( Glad to now know it is normal development.

Molly is too an octagon lover (thank you elmo shape book that we read 19000 times) and for us for the longest time everything was BLUE.

I think I might be with Hunter though- I do love me some yellow.

Trina said...

HE is a cutie! I enjoyed my visit with y'all tonight. sorry if I was grumpy.


Miss Priss' Momma said...

So funny! The majority of the time every color is yellow to Payton too.... Although, to throw me off, she'll get some right at random times too.

Brandie said...

Yellow is a fun color. And until this post, I never realized how often Colton says "um". As I was reading your blog, I could clearly hear him and see his eyes while he says "ummmm". Never noticed it.