Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cousin "Booke"

Hunter LOVES his family. Every single time we are in the car he either wants to visit or call or talk about "Poppy", "Gandee" (Grandee), "Nana", "Gandad" (Grandad), "Nanny", "Gampa" (Grampa), "Courtey" (Aunt Courtney), "Katie", "Seeve" (Uncle Steve), "Yack" (Zack), or "Yesa" (Vanesa)...with those last two being of particiular interest (they are his cousins).
This past week Hunter got to spend a lot of time with his out of town family: "Bop" (Uncle Bob), "Melli" (Aunt Melanie), "Carson", and his favorite, "Booke" (Cousin Brooke). Hunter has met his cousin Brooke a couple of times before, but he REALLY fell in love with her on this visit.
Everything Brooke wanted to do, Hunter wanted to do. Every toy Brooke played with, Hunter wanted to play with. His favorite phrase of the week was, "Booke coming?" everytime we went anywhere in the remote vicinity of Grandee and Poppy's house. It was really cute to watch them together, so obviously I took plenty of pictures...
meeting Cousin Carson for the first time -

excitedly waiting for his favorite cartoon intro song of all time..."Beggie Tae-uws" -

having tea with Cousin Brooke...It's actually coffee, if you ask Hunter -

hanging out with Cousin Carson and Daddy -

playing with his favorite person of the week and his favorite toy..."pay-toh" -Poppy got in Hunter's wagon and asked Hunter to pull him...He was a little unsure at first, but then he actually tried it! It was really more of a pushing attempt, but still the cutest thing ever...We love you Thayers! Thanks for visiting!

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Rikki said... cute pushing grandpa in the wagon! maybe one day he will have tea (coffee) parties with charlotte!