Saturday, December 26, 2015

Wednesday we had another fun family outing to the Gaylord. We opted out of doing the ICE and just did snow tubing instead. The line was sooooo looooong, that Hunter, Charlotte, and Zack didn't want to get back in after their first run of 3, so they didn't complete their other 9 times down:/
So, we headed back to the lobby to take some pictures of the awesome decorations...

Charlotte loves to pose! After the first one, she said, "Wait, take one more!" and made that peace sign:)
Then we headed to dinner and all came back to my house for a little bit. Mom had given me this wonderful scrapbook from my birth through elementary school earlier in the week, and when we got back home that night, she gave Kate, Court, and I each another scrapbook... 

It's one of my favorite books ever! I cherish it so much!

Christmas Eve was the next day, and the kids could hardly wait!

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