Sunday, February 2, 2014


Sweet Grey,
You are one today!  Your first year has flown by so much quicker than Charlotte's or Hunter's did.  If I am honest, I'll tell you that it is bittersweet that your days as an infant have come and gone.  I love how you have grown and developed so much the last several months, but am sad to know that you are growing into toddlerhood.  You are no longer my baby, but leaping toward becoming a big boy.

You are our last baby, and you have completed our family perfectly.  I always said I wanted four children, but almost from the moment I found out I was growing you in my womb, I felt that you would complete us.  And you really have made our family whole. 

I love everything about you, son.  From your tiny toes to your head full of irresistible-curl-up-at-the-end hair (more than either of your siblings had at this age), you are perfect.  God made you perfectly, knitting you together in my womb to be the person that you are.  I love your sweet cuddles.  You are definitely my most cuddly baby (although I have been blessed to have three cuddly kids), and you will almost always choose to be held over sitting or exploring on your own.  I love your giddy laugh.  You are SUCH a happy baby.  You are ticklish and easily amused, just like mommy and daddy:)  I love that you now LOVE to eat and will grunt or holler if we are eating in front of you and not sharing!  I love that you suck two different fingers on your two different hands...the ring and pinkie fingers on our right hand and the index and middle finger on your left hand.  I love that you already stare admirably at your big brother and big sister as they are playing with you. 

God gave you to Daddy and I to love and cherish.  And oh how we do!  You and Hunter and Charlotte are our most precious gifts.  I can't wait to teach you about Jesus and His love for you.  And to see the boy, and eventually man, He will help you to become.  We love you, Grey!  We couldn't be happier that you were born into our family.  What a joy this year with you has been!


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