Thursday, February 27, 2014

Cub Scouts

Hunter started Cub Scouts this year and has loved it.  James has done most of the things with him, but Charlotte and I went with his den to the Mavs game a couple of weeks ago.  We were waaaaaay up in the nosebleeds, but had fun!...

The only part I didn't like were the dancers.  Whenever they came out, all of those boys jaws would drop.  In those moments, I was thankful we were so far up:/.

The Cub Scout banquet was this past weekend, and I was so sad I had to miss it because I was out of town.  I definitely had a bunch of mom guilt about it.  James took lots of great pictures and a video for me, and texted them to me right in the moment.  I was so thankful for them.  Here the boys are getting their Tiger Cub badge...

I have no idea why they're painting their faces here, but it's cute!

We love our Tiger Cub!

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