Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oh, was that a surprise?

During college, I worked as a hostess at this high end steak house.  They had fine dining on one side and the hugest bar/AV area/cigar and cognac lounge, etc. on the other side.  Waits for a table would be like 2 hours...on a Wednesday night.  So we often got really good tips to bump people up the list.  We also had lots of famous Dallasites who frequented (mostly Stars, Mavs and Cowboys)...I'll save my Emmit Smith story for another time.  I'll just say, it's definitely one of James's favorites.  Anyway, one night I was running the board, and we had a big surprise party scheduled for one of our private rooms, so throughout the beginning part of the night, I sent several guests back with my table runners for the night. 

Then it happened. 

I became clueless hostess of the year.  A woman came in with her daughter and told me the name the reservation was under, and I said to one of the runners, "Take them back to the Ben's for the surprise party."  The girl had the most excited, jaw-dropping smile on her face, and the mother...did not.  I'd categorize her expression more as furious or glaring, rather than excited.

So I guess you could say I had it coming.

James's 35th birthday was Monday night, and I had planned a surprise party with some of our close friends.  Here's what happened when we got to Picasso's...

Me:  I have a reservation for Carole Brooks.
Clueless Hostess:  Blank stare, then head nod back and forth.

(This should've been my first clue).

Me:  Yes.  I have a reservation at 7.
CH:  What's the name again?
Me:  Carole Brooks
CH:  Second head nod of the night followed by "no"
Me:  Yes I do.
CH:  Oh.  Are you here for the party?

James:  looks at me while trying to hide the biggest smile you've ever seen

Me:  No!  Just Carole Brooks for 2.
CH:  Oh!  There's just 2.  Okay.
So she grabs 2 menus and walks us to a booth close by.

I stand there and stare at her, hoping she'll clue in soon.  She doesn't.  Enough time goes by that now the silence is becoming awkward. 

So, what else could I do?  I threw my hands up and said, "Yes.  We are here for the party.  It's his surprise party."  and walk away to the private room.  As I'm walking away, I hear CH happily say, "Oh! okay!" 

We get to the room, I pull the curtain back and exclaim a defeated, "He knows!" and James hugs me.

Although it started a little disappointing, we had a great time. 

Here's some pictures from the night...

My family (unfortunately I only got half the table)...

James's parents and some of his old friends...

The friend James is standing by is his dearest friend (I would call him his best friend, but according to James it's gay for guys to have best friends, so we'll go with dearest, which ironically seems more gay to me, but whatev) who drove from TYLER to come have dinner with us.  Ashlee, if you're reading this we love y'all and are so thankful for you!  Can't wait to see you again soon!

Some church buddies...

Some of the church dudes' wives and our awesome G-town friends...

Me and Amy and baby girl Weems (who'll hopefully have a name this week!)...

Laura and Marcy, y'all don't know what Amy and I went through to get that picture for you.  I'll just say there was lots of posing involved.

Happy Birthday James!  I love you so, so much, and I hope you had a great, even though not surprising:(, birthday party!


The Hunter Family said...

Oh my gosh!! I totally had forgotten that story from college- I remember now. Interestingly enough, I was on your side throughout both stories. Honestly, it could happen to anyone. And, really- it is beyond irritating that the hostess ruined your hard work. I guess I'll always be on your side! :)

Thanks so much for all the hard work posing. It was worth it! Yall look great!

Emily said...

This story is hilarious Carole!! Love it!! My parents threw me a surprise party almost every year growing up b/c I fell for it every time. Never got old them and I never thought they would do it again. Glad y'all had a fun night!