Saturday, December 19, 2009


Over the last 6 - 12 months Hunter has really been a mirror to James and I. In some ways this is really when he gently loves on his sister or asks to read his Bible and pray at night or says, "I miss you at work" before I leave in the morning.  But lately, he's been doing some things that reveal the not so sweet side of my reflection. 

The biggest one I can think of is his incessant use of the phrase, "Oh my gosh!"  I've tried to be aware of my use of this since having him, but apparently I haven't been aware enough.  I haven't counted, but I wouldn't be surprised if he said it 50 times a day.

"Oh my gosh, mommy, look at that bug!"
"Oh my gosh, where bear go?"
"Oh my gosh, baby Charlotte crying!"
"Oh my gosh, I wearing my diaper."
"Oh my gosh, I wearing big boy underwear!"
"Oh my gosh, mommy, look at all my stickers!"
"Oh my gosh, look how high I climb!"

How do I stop him!?  HELP!!


Lipe Family said...

I'd say to just ignore it and not call attention to it...hopefully it will stop. My kids were watching Extreme Makeover the other day and started saying the alternative - that one we put a stop to and are now encouraging "Oh my gosh" instead.

Milla & her mommy said...

Ignore... ignore.. ignore... it's not that bad of a statement. At least he's not saying the alternative or a curse word. He'll stop, but yes try to not say it either and make sure no one is saying it in any of his shows (Milla picks up most of her slang there).