Sunday, November 29, 2009

Eating My Words

My dad had his birthday recently, and he really wanted some pictures of all of us. Sooooo everyone came over and my sister got some really cute shots of the kids...

and some of the 3 daughters (James took that one!)

I was really excited about how cute the kids looked in them.  James and I, however, couldn't produce a single decent picture.  So Court came over again today after church to get a family photo for our Christmas card. 

Disaster would be an understatement for how that went. 

Here's a preview...

Just imagine about 50 variations of that, and you'll have a good idea of the choices for this year's card.  So I'm heavily leaning toward just sending out a card with only my kids' pictures because as you can see, they are so cute in their little red shirts. 


I've always said that I'd never send a picture of just my kids on a Christmas card because there are several people who get them who don't even know my kids and quite possibly have never seen them.  Plus it's completely annoying to me when it becomes all about the kids. 

Now I get it, though.  It's not that people think that it's only the kids that make up the family.  It's that it's virtually impossible to get a good picture of everyone when small children are thrown into the mix.

So once again God is showing me that I need to stop with the judgement already.  It seems like everytime I make a judgement about a situation that I can't possibly understand because my life hasn't gotten to that point yet, God quickly takes me to the exact place where I get the blessing of doing exactly what I had so harshly judged just 1year (or less!) before.  Hopefully I'll learn soon...and hopefully next year the 4 of us can get it together with coordinating our pretty smile days.


Theresa Hill said...

Carole, they are adorable, and you are beautiful as always. Hope you all are doing well!

Rikki said...

i agree, carole. i was just having that same conversation in my head, about how i used to judge other people for a particular thing they "let" their kids do...and now i have kids who do the same things! when will we ever learn?

i LOVE the pics of the kids laying down...they are so cute!

The Culhanes said...

Our holiday card this year has several of us WITH the kids, but none of all 4 of us together. I think it is impossible at this stage!

The Magsigs said...

I hear you about taking a decent picture with everyone in it. I've already resolved that it will be a few years, yes years, before we don't have someone either running out of the pictures or crying in it. Oh well, those pictures are kinda fun, too :) It will remind you what it was really like...and then we can make the kids feel guilty later :)