Monday, November 23, 2009


Doesn't my son look like a 5 year old?

A "mine" proclaiming,

"NO!" yelling,




happy skipping

5 year old. 

So maybe most of his actions let you know just how much of a 2 year old he is, but everyday he gets longer and leaner.  Everytime Hunter says, "two" in his sweet, soft voice after a stranger asks how old he is, we get the same response..."He's so tall!"  Yes he is, and we're hoping he stays that way.  James is wishing for a linebacker, but I still plan on pushing for basketball.  Y'all know how I love the indoors:)


Marcy said...

That's how Aubrey was and still is. People have always thought she was a year or two older than her real age -- too bad it doesn't look like Will has here tall genes... How tall is Hunter right now?

The Hunter Family said...

I'm pushing for basketball for my tall one, too! You and me both on the indoors issue! I know how you feel, though. Isaac wasn't potty trained till after 3 and he seemed like somebody's kindergartener walking around in diapers. I love the yoga posing, btw. :)