Thursday, February 26, 2009

We love you Ms. Hadzira!

So I never thought I'd turn into someone who blogs less than once a week, but here I am. Once you get out of the habit, it's just hard to re-find the time for it. If I tried to include everything y'all have missed I would have a day long blog post, so I'm just going to skip to the most recent...

Friday was Hunter's last day as an Explorer at LHCCEC. I can't remember if I ever told y'all, but Hunter did finally get his language burst...better late than never:) Although I know it would've come regardless, I attribute much of what he's learned to Ms. Hadzira (and the other teachers that rotated through) and Hunter's classmates. I never thought I'd love his school so much. Here's some of Hunter's latest conversation topics...

*The ABCs - He loves the ABC song and will look at you and say, "ABCD! ABCD!" to let you know he wants you to sing it with him. Sometimes he'll sing random letters with you like the P or the O, but usually he just listens.

*Twinkle Twinkle - He also loves this song. He always wants it sung right after we finish with our ABCs. He'll say "up a" and make his little diamond symbol with his hands. He calls stars "up a" because of the part of the song that says, "UP Above the world so high".

(In case you hadn't noticed, it is pretty genius that he recognizes that those tunes are the same. He's so going to have perfect pitch. I mean what else would I expect with him humming Twinkle Twinkle at such very young age...see here.)

*Shapes - He really only names circle and star spontaneously right now, but he will imitate all of the other names. He loves to pull out his shape sorter and try to push the shape through saying, "noooo. noooo. noooo." when it doesn't fit. It's really cute.

*Numbers - He's starting talking more about numbers, and Ms. Hadzira said that he'll get really upset if they skip counting to 10 for the they always make sure to do it for him (they don't spoil him or anything!). On the way home from school last week he was going, "siiiix. niiiine. siiiix. niiiine" and when I was telling James the story when he got home, Hunter would say, "ten!" after every time I said "nine".

*Animals - He still loves animals...well talking about them at least. We were at Aunt Katie's house this week and every time the dogs ran up to him he'd give me the death grip and say, "hurt you! hurt you!"

We're going to miss Ms. Hadzira so much! Here's Hunter and her on Friday (their last day together)... And since that's not the best picture of her, here he is with Ms. Hadzira and Ms. Sandy...

See how sad he is to be leaving them? I think I feel more sad than he does though. I heart Ms. Hadzira.

The good news is Hunter is now re-united with his first friends (Noah and the gang) that had already moved up to the Crickets class. We're praying for an easy transition. Hopefully his friends can make it better for him!


Katie said...

Did you really post this last Thursday? I don't know how I missed it. I also don't know how I missed Hunter saying "hurt you, hurt you". You must have taught him that. :) My dog doesn't hurt people. Court's dog does though.

Rikki said...

i like the siiix...niiiine...charlie does something like that sometimes. he says "nine (one), twooo, peee, uh, uh...pive...nine (nine)...ten!" he calls one and nine both nine. maybe because we live on the 9th floor, and we always say "push nine!"

good job hunter! i hope you love your new class!