Friday, February 20, 2009

Charlotte? Is that you?

So my sweet friend at the DPRC did a sonogram for James and I - okay I'm not gonna lie, she did two for us. i try not to be too high maintenance, but sometimes the hormones enhance that part of my personality a little - because I wanted to find out the gender early. Unfortunately, she couldn't tell for sure at either visit. We have a modest little baby in there...using either the umbilical cord or legs to cover up the "private areas". Good for her! We're getting an early start on those modesty lessons:)

As you probably guessed, we think it's a girl. Lisa (our friend who did the sono) thinks it's probably a girl, too, but she's not 100% - that umbilical cord can throw you off:)

So although this isn't the big reveal, I'm gonna share some pictures from one of our baby's very first photo shoots...

Giving a wave

A little skeleton face...we were looking at the profile and she turned really quickly to look at us. It was so sweet...and a little scary:)

I've put a poll on the side for y'all to vote on whether you think it's a boy or girl. Our next sono is on March 10, so I'll leave it open until then.

And you know you want to vote so I don't have to come on here every day and vote so it looks like people actually care:)


Rikki said...

ok, so i was thinking about you the other day, and since courtney and i both have girls after our boys i thought you'd probably have a would just be too much of a coincidence for us all to have boys in the same year, then have girls in the same year! but then you said you think it's a i was confused. but i always go with my gut on multiple choice tests, so i'm sticking with my original answer, BOY. we'll see!

Brandie said...

So neat! I do like both names you have chosen for either sex. Keep us posted!

Trina said...

Love the names honey! I am thrilled with just the thought of another grandbaby...girl or boy, I am happy.


Jessica said...

Oh I hope you are having a girl! That would be so sweet! Then you would have to let us do something for your because all you have is boy stuff! Keep is posted! I am voting for a Charlotte Brooks!!!!

Adam and Vel said...

I am going with the fact that Lisa thinks its a girl. So I am voting - girl. Plus, it seems to be the year of the girls. I like the name Charlotte.