Monday, October 27, 2008

Super Dad

I was at Lake Texoma this weekend for my church's women's retreat, and y'all...I DIDN'T BRING MY CAMERA. Who is believing this? Let's guess how many times I said to my roomie, "I wish I had my camera so we could take a picture of us." One? Two? Nope. Probably more like 3 or 4, which is a little out of control for a 2 day time period.

When I called James Saturday night, and he told me Hunter was in his new Curious George pajamas, I told him he better remember to take a picture the next morning. You know, since that camera never gets any use.

He didn't fail me.

Front and back shots. Is he trained well or is he trained well?

I had so much fun with the women at my church this weekend. It was a great getaway, but I was so ready to come home to my two favorite people...

I heart them:)


KT said...

I didn't even know you went out of town. Hunter looks so cute in his new pj's.

Trina said...

You are well blessed

Brandie said...

He IS trained well. I have a simiiliar story, yet not so much. I was gone all day Saturday and Courtnie had her "Halloween" cheer game. The girls got to dress up and do crazy things with their hair, tattoos, could spray color their hair, write with face paint on their faces and arms and wear their blue and white striped socks up to their knees. Did my husband take pictures even though I left the camera out? Nope. He isnt trained well at all! Can I send him to you?