Monday, October 6, 2008

Party Animal

Friday was Hunter's school's Fall Festival, so he got to wear his Halloween costume and play all sorts of fun games. I was completely excited about the costume part because my kid is one dang cute bumble bee, and I just knew there was an abundance of awesome pictures in my future. Hunter had different plans though.

You see bumble bees do not seem to be his insect of choice. Technically it's the bumble bee antennae that Hunter holds real issue with. As you can see, he had some difficulty seeing with the oversized costume hat on, especially since the entire time he was wearing it, he was doing this...
So I thought all I had to do was figure a way to pin it in the back on Halloween night so it didn't droop over his eyes. Then as I was taking the costume out of the bag on Friday after school, I pulled the hat out and couldn't figure out what was different about the antennae, until I looked inside and saw these...Apparently Hunter pulled on his hat all morning at school until those cute little balls came right off. What I wouldn't give to have been a fly on the wall at that moment. I'm sure he was elated.

Anyone have a hot glue gun I can borrow before Halloween? And some safety pins? I have some bumble bee costume rigging up to do.

One of Hunter's classmates, Owen, also had his birthday party on Friday, so Hunter got a goodie bag full of treats. His favorite prize from the party, though, was the cow hat. I'm amazed at how long he'll wear it around the house.

Maybe he should've been a cow for Halloween. Then I could've had cute pictures all around.


KT said...

That was so funny! He looks cute in his bee costume.

Trina said...

Gone are the days of hats, huh? I remember last Halloween when he never touched the pumpkin hat...oh well, he is still a cutie!