Monday, October 20, 2008

The Fair...perfect name guys, perfect.

So everytime I go to the fair I think, "what's the big deal about this place?" and I swear to myself that I'll never go back. Then a couple of years go by and everyone starts hyping it up and raving over the awesomeness of it, so I go back as if I've forgotten how unremarkable it was two years before.
This year was one of those years that I forgot about my apathy towards Big Tex. We went. I wore jeans. James warned me not to. It was hot. There were millions of people there. There was no order to the walking around. People stopped in the middle of my path, and I nearly ran them over. I got grumpy...and complained...a lot. We went home.
Yep. That pretty much sums up our day. I did take the time to take some cute pictures though.

Isn't Big Tex's waist a sight?!

I know y'all are surprised there are only two, but I told you I was hot and uncomfortable. And in case you haven't figured me out yet, I despise being uncomfortable.

Maybe in a couple of years we'll have a better experience. I vow to listen to my husband next time. Right. Who thinks that'll actually happen?


KT said...

Hunter looks like he had fun. You should have went with us, it wasn't very crowded and the weather was beautiful. Sorry you didn't have a good time, but I LOVE the fair!

abby said...

So jealous... after dragging Kevin to a few miserable years at the fair... very similar to what you described actually... he has refused to ever go back with me! AND I LOVE THE FAIR!! Corney dogs and funnel cake don't taste as good anywhere else. And the people, and the mullets!!

Trina said...

I wish I had of gone with y'all. I haven't been in about six years. Your friend is right, corny dogs do not taste as good anywhere as they do at at fair and caramel apples...I just want a caramel apple!

Hunter does look cute!


Brandie said...

I bet the boys had fun! Even though you only took two pics, both are great!