Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hunter at Nine

Sweet Hunter,
You are nine. 9! Almost double digits and halfway to adulthood. It takes my breath away a little to think that your Dad and I are halfway through with raising you up to be the man that God will call you to be. Partly because it seems almost like yesterday that you were this sweet baby...

Looking at that precious baby face and remembering those days, breaks my heart a little. Because it makes me realize that half of the time that I will have with you under my roof is gone. I have so cherished watching you grow into this nine year old version of yourself, and I can think of no greater joy than to continue to watch you learn and grow.

It's hard to believe that that squishy baby is now this long and lean boy...

I'm so proud of who you are, buddy. Here are some things about you at nine...
*You are a rule follower...a parent's (and teacher's) dream. You believe rules were made to be followed and become a little stressed when others aren't doing just that. You have no problem telling your friends (or whoever really) if things are getting a little out of hand.
*You are so smart. It amazes me how much you not only retain from school, but how you are able to integrate it and generalize it. Just yesterday you were explaining to me that your new volcano lava lamp was like the weather cycle (and identified each part of the lamp and what it represented...precipitation, condensation???? I can't even remember the other parts, but you sure saw the comparison!).
*You also love to read. You devour books and are always in the top reading group. I hope your love of literature sticks with you forever.
*You have a hysterical, contagious laugh. When something is really funny to you, you will start laughing with this high pitched squeal and stand up and jump around or throw your head back with glee.
*You are affectionate and crave affection from us. I've never filled out a profile to determine your love language, but I'm pretty sure it's physical touch. You come to me at least once a day and ask for a hug. Melts my heart!
*Although, you definitely get annoyed with your brother and sister, you still love them so! Most days your pleading (yelling) for them to leave you alone, but there are moments in there where I see the silly, sweet love that you have for them. You have a special voice that  you use just for "Grey baby" as you still call him. And when Charlotte is having a hard day, you are so gentle and sweet with her...most of the time. You two are kind of at a stage right now where you really know how to push each other's buttons.
*You are compassionate. You are so tender hearted and sweet. If someone is hurt or feels left out, you do your best to comfort them or include them. This is definitely one of my favorite things about you!
I love you, Hunter Richard! Thank you for making me a Mommy and teaching me innumerable lessons over the last nine years,
Mom (or as you love to call me, Mum) 

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Trina said...

That makes me tear up. They are all growing too fast. Friday night when we were at dinner and he and Zack were discussing some game, he stopped and said, "how was your day Nana?" He is a sweetheart, for sure