Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Easter Fun!

I was a complete slacker with Holy Week activities this year. I think we did 2. I knew we were driving to Odessa on Thursday after school pick up, so that left Sunday-Wednesday. So at least I did half the days, right? Life gets busier and busier the older the kids get. It makes me a little sad for this guy that he doesn't get as much toddler fun activities as his big brother and sister did at his age...

Good thing he's the favorite kid or he might feel neglected. :)Just kidding!! He is so cute, though...
One of the activities we did was to read about the night of the Passover Meal and Jesus washing his disciples feet afterward. Then we washed each others feet. I only got a picture of Grey washing James's (because Grey went last and I complete forgot about pictures until he was doing it!) 

He thought it was so funny that we were washing each other's feet! But the big kids had a great talk with James and I about serving each other and how Jesus was a servant king and asked for us to be servants of each other when he left.
We also made resurrection rolls one night, but I didn't get any pictures of those at all. I didn't realize I was almost out of cinnamon, so we had to substitute with nutmeg and all spice. It's not nearly as good that way...I definitely don't recommend it!
Thursday after school, the kids were so excited to get on the road to head to Odessa to spend Easter with their cousins. They just had fun hanging out and playing with each other. We did Easter baskets and an egg hunt at their house on Saturday...

Hunter loves to photo bomb!
The kids waited in Mel and Bob's room while we hid eggs outside. Then the hunt was on!

Saturday morning we headed to church...

And then came home to a yummy Easter lunch that Aunt Melanie made for us. 
We hit the road right after lunch so we could make it back at a decent hour. We are thankful for Jesus' life, death, and resurrection!

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