Sunday, December 14, 2014

Advent, Day 14

I wasn't feeling it today.  I don't even know where my bad mood came from, but it reared its ugly head on and off all day.  I did love every second of this, though... 
Hunter and Charlotte performed a few songs at our church's Christmas program this morning.  They were both so smiley when they saw us beaming at them.

We were proud of both of them!
Our activity today was to go look at Christmas lights around the neighborhood with a "special drink".  The kids chose peppermint milkshakes from Braum's, but they were out of peppermint ice cream, so we each just picked different flavors.  We drove around and looked at the lights in our neighborhood and saw a couple of really ornate ones.  There was even a man dressed up as Santa waving as we passed by one house!  Poor Hunter was already asleep by that point, so he missed it.  That kid falls asleep every year while we're looking at lights:)
James read verses with the kids today, so I'm not even sure what they were over.  I'm looking forward to a new day tomorrow!

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