Sunday, December 7, 2014


James turned 40 on November 30.  FORTY!!  It feels so weird to me that he is 40, but he's the cutest 40 year old I know;)
We went to a movie date that day and then took the 2 big kids to The Melting Pot that night for dinner.  I felt really guilty leaving Grey behind, but he had a great time at home with my mom.

Then last night, we had a 40th birthday party with friends and family.  I was so thankful for everyone who came to celebrate with us...

These are 2 of James's fraternity brothers and their wives.  Go FIJI!

Our dear friends, the Fawkes.  We love them!

Amy and I have been friends since high school.  Her hubby got a last minute ticket to the Baylor game, but we forgave him for missing since the Bears are so awesome this year! 

The birthday boy man...

I sure do love him!

The family!  My sis and brother in law stopped by even though Steve had to leave for work at 3 am the next day.  I love that we live so close now.  And of course Frank and Dee stopped by.  I'm sure these last 40 years have flown by for them!

In case it's not obvious from the picture, this couple is awesome...

Carrie, Molly and I have been friends for 10 years.  It's flown by, and I love them (and their families!) dearly...

The Brookses love the Howes!

Our home group, which is breaking up soon because the Howes are leaving for Illinois at the end of this month.  I love these people so much!!
It was a great night!  I'm so thankful that we have so many people that we get to live life with.  And more than that, I'm thankful that I have James as my husband.  What a man he is.
Happy 40th, BH!  I couldn't ask for a better man to build a life with! 


Trina said...

I'm sorry we missed it but looks like a great time was had by all. Happy B'day James!

Kaitlin L. said...

Happy birthday to James! So fun to see some of our old friends :) Miss you guys!