Thursday, March 28, 2013

Holy Week - M&Ms

Wednesday's are crazy for us because of AWANA and homework, so I knew we needed a quick Holy Week activity for the kids planned for that day.  We didn't end up having homework or going to church for AWANA because Hunter was still sick, but since we had spent 3 hours at the doctor's office that afternoon, I was thankful for the quick activity.
I found this on Pinterest and loved it.  So we read the poem and examined our M&M's, talking about the E standing for Eater, the 3 standing for the 3 days in the tomb, the M standing for the Messiah, and the W standing for Jesus being the only one worthy of our praise.  Then of course, we ate some!
Well, Char and I did.  Hunter licked his and threw it in the trash.  Poor kid hasn't had much of an appetite.  And apparently, he doesn't like the peanut M&Ms...who knew?

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