Thursday, January 7, 2010

My Hunter Richard Brooks

Grandpa got me this cool digital camera for Christmas, so I've been busy refining my new hobby. 

My favorite thing to take pictures of so far is my face, but I've also done some artsy shots of different things in our house.  Here's my portfolio...

Somebody's Watching You

Name That Toddler

Failed Smile

Pop Art

A Dentist's View (mommy said I could also title this, A Speech Patholgist's View)

The Natural Look (Mommy looooves this picture of herself.  I'm surprised she let me post it.)


A Room with a Chair

Fish on the Floor

This is my best piece of art yet.  Isn't it so modern?  It's so brilliant, I didn't even title it.  It speaks for itself, don't you think?

Sometimes I let mommy or daddy take pictures with my camera (and by sometimes, I mean rarely)...

It's not long, though, before I start to reach for it again.  It is my camera, you know.

Mommy loves when I use my new camera.  She says her favorite thing is that I don't have to use her's anymore, and a close second favorite is when I'm about to take the picture and say, "Say smile!"  She tells daddy that warms her heart.

Off to go work on my new, mad photography skills.  Let me know if you want some lessons!

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