Wednesday, January 20, 2010


So Hunter loves the Imagination Movers.  They are his fave.  He can't get enough of them.  Well actually we did go through a phase where every.single.time the tv was on for H, it was the Movers, so he took a short sabbatical after that.  But now they're back in full force at our house. 

Aunt Mel and Uncle Bob bought Hunter the Movers cd for Christmas and we have so much fun listening and dancing to it.  (You know that it's true love when you can dance in a completely ridiculous, non-graceful, unattractive way in front of your man and he still loves you.  Now we can say with 100% certainty that James has seen me at my worst.)

Hunter's favorite song is "Brainstorming".  Here we are jamming out as a family the other night...

Even Char joined in...

We're hoping that she doesn't receive my unfortunate dancing skills.  I won't hold my breath.

Have a great day friends!  And remember, "There's no bad ideas when your brainstormin'"!


The Miss' Momma said...

I think what this situations needs is some imagination!

P LOVES the movers too... but only when they're on Disney thank goodness

The May Family said...

We have this CD too... and when the kids aren't in the car I still find myself singing to it in the car without realizing it. Sad.