Saturday, October 31, 2009

Brother and Sister

So far Hunter's been great with Charlotte.  He's gentle with her.  He loves to "cuddle her".  He gives her great big brother hugs.  He smells her hand sweetly.  He shakes her rattles for her during tummy time or when she's sitting in her Bumbo seat.  He tells her all about exciting things that happen to him.  He prays for her at night.  He happily sits beside her on the couch.  I could go on and on. 

Watching them together is one of my favorite things.  I've been praying that they will have a special bond, rooted in our Savior.  I always wanted a brother, and I can't wait to see the relationship that develops between my two children. 

But with as sweet as he is to her, I knew this day was inevitable...

At least she can't argue with him yet.  She sure does know how to tell us how she feels about it though!


Katie said...

Awww, poor Charlotte. She looked so happy and then so sad, and Hunter doesn't even seem to notice. :(

Brandie said...

Great pics to capture the moment! Sibling rivalry starts too early.