Monday, October 12, 2009

"Go Cowboys!!!!"

Hunter is quickly following in his father's footsteps with his love for football.  This is an unfortunate season to pick up this newfound affection, not only for the obvious dissapointment that the Cowboys are giving us every week, but because Hunter is quickly picking up James' should we say it?...passion for the game. 

FYI, this passion is increased tenfold during frustrating moments, which have been frequent this season, and our son - wanting to be so much like his dad - often joins in on the jumping up and down or yelling at the tv or beating the floor in desperation.  James is working on it though, and he did much better yesterday, which says a lot, considering how frustrating that game was.  Even I wanted to lie down in the fetal position at one point, and y'all know how I feel about football.

Anyway, we took Hunter to his first real life football game a few weeks ago.  No, not to Jerry's ginormo billion dollar castle of a stadium, but to a high school football game for the home school co-op that a lot of our youth at church are involved in.  Just a small step down from Jerry's place:)  Hunter didn't mind not living it up in a suite, though.  The bleachers were just fine for him...

He cheered on the Angels well, except that he kept calling them the Cowboys:) 

The tackling is definitely his favorite part of the game, whether on tv or in real life.  He just laughs his little head off everytime one of those players gets slammed to the ground. 

He behaved so well the entire time, and even yelled the correct team name toward the end. 

Sweet Charlotte did awesome too...

We can't wait for our next football outing!

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I love that pic of Charlotte!!