Saturday, October 10, 2009

"I Shaving"

Since James has such black hair and fair skin, he pretty much has a 5 o'clock shadow about 2 hours after shaving in the morning. His hair must also be really thick because it takes him quite a while to complete the face shaving processes...and he uses an electric razor! Hunter often goes into the bathroom to watch him, and his latest thing is to go grab our neck massager, turn it on and hold it up to his face while announcing, "I shaving!" It's so cute...
Again people, why do my pictures look so blurry on here?! Blogger outsmarts me once again...It's making me crazy!


Emily said...

So I was checking blogs on my phone and talking to Reid at the same time. I read the first line of your blog as he asked me a question. I got distracted and then thought, "did Carole just start a post about James's BACK hair? I wonder if that would upset James?". Then I decided I should go back and read the first line. I'm glad I found out that you were talking about his BLACK hair, or the rest of the post would have been confusing :). Hope you guys are doing well!!!!

Rikki said...

such a cutie!

as far as your photos, my GUESS is that blogger automatically resizes your photos to fit their built-in dimensions. i think there are lots of ways to change the code on each post, and maybe a way to change it for good, but i don't know how to do it. you could look it up though.

here's a couple easier options. you could "resize for web" or "compress" the photo before you post it. you can do this in MS office picture viewer by choosing "edit pictures..." and "compress." it will make it smaller, which will probably upload faster and may look better.

i use a free program called "windows live writer" (just google it to find it) and use it to write posts, then click publish and it will publish to your blog. when you add pics it automatically sizes them down smaller. it also gives a few more options like rounded corners or borders too.

hope one of these helps!

Molly said...

I don't think the pictures look bad!