Saturday, November 28, 2015

WDW Day 2: Hollywood Studios Afternoon

After our nap, we headed to Hollywood Studios to use our fastpasses for the day...

First stop was Star Tours. We tried to convince them to let Grey go, but he was just shy of 40 inches, so they wouldn't let him on. He and I went to get a shake while the bigs and James rode.
After it was over, we met them outside of the Frozen Singalong... 

It was such a good show. Grey had a little bit of a tough time staying in his seat once we neared the end of the 30 minutes, but he loved it for the most part...
The people behind us were from England and loved it! I loved listening to their accents.
After the show, I went to ride Star Tours with the big kids, and while I was on it, I was glad that they didn't let Grey ride. It's a simulator ride and you move around in your seat a lot. There is one part where Darth Vader zoomed in front of our "ship" and said he was looking for this spy (and they put someone's picture up). It was Hunter! He was so embarrassed, but I thought it was awesome!
After that, we went to grab dinner at Fairfax Fare (BBQ chicken and yummy!). It was kind of a stressful process because it was starting to rain and part of it was under construction so we had to carry our trays kind of far down the crowded sidewalk (outside) to our table. Hunter was carrying a tray of food and I was so nervous he was going to drop it. We made it safe to the table, though. We let Grey sit at the table again for this meal, and he was running around like the crazy child he is. We definitely bribed him with dessert. The man behind us was doing the same thing with his kid and laughed. At least we were in good company.
After dinner we headed to Fantasmic and put on our ponchos after we parked the stroller, because it was starting to rain a little harder. We waited for what seemed like forever, and they kept announcing that the show might be delayed or cancelled due to the weather. Char was having a hard time with her poncho because it was "sooooo iiiitchyyyy", but they finally started the show. Yay! 

There are few things I'll sit in the rain for, but Fantasmic is one of them!

Such a great show!
After it was over, we headed to see the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. It's the last year they are doing them, so I'm so glad we got a chance to see them. They are AWESOME! 

The poncho irritation is starting to catch up with them... 

Serious poncho hatred happening here... 
But this is totally worth it, right??
Love that they had a nativity... 

They had these trees at every park, and I thought they were so pretty. We got a picture of our family in front of each one (on another day for these 2 parks)... 
It was the perfect first park day, even with the rain! When we got to our bus stop it was such a long line that it backed up past TWO other resort lines. Everyone kept passing it and having to turn around and come back. Of course this was while it was raining on us. My converse were soaked (for the next 3 days!), but it was worth it;)
Hollwood Studios favorites of the night:
James - Fantasmic
Carole - Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights
Hunter - Fantasmic
Charlotte - Fantasmic
Grey - Frozen Singalong

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