Friday, July 17, 2015

Inner Space Caverns

Last Sunday after church we headed to Georgetown to meet Nana so she could take the 2 bigs for a week at the beach. We stopped at Inner Space Caverns before meeting her...

I had been to several caverns growing up, but I'm not sure if this was one of them.

Waiting for our tour to start...

Grey was sort of grumpy on the way down (and REALLY grumpy on the way back). He fell asleep right before we got to the caverns, so James and I had to carry him through the majority of it. Not the best timing. He finally woke up about 2/3 of the way through.

The pictures inside the caverns aren't great because it's so dark in there...

I loved it, and so did Hunter (for most of the tour...he got a little tired of it after about 45 minutes). Char, on the other hand, lasted about 15 minutes before telling me she was bored. I kept telling her to listen to all of the fun facts! That didn't seem to do the trick, though.

It was definitely a cool experience, but I'm thinking we probably should've waited until the kids were a little older for them to really enjoy it. Maybe we'll try again in 5 years or so!

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