Monday, October 21, 2013

Disney Day 2 - Epcot!

We woke up Thursday morning so thankful that Grey slept all night in the hotel pack n play.  We were rested and ready for our day at Epcot! 
I didn't plan the boys' color coordination, but it did turn out cute, didn't it?:)

I like to get to the parks before they open, so we can be toward the front of the crowd entering the park, but that didn't happen this day.  We still got there right at 9 when it opened, but we had to wait in kind of a long line to get through the entrance.

Hunter, Charlotte, and I headed right for Soarin', and there was already a 20 minute wait when we got there (the reason I like to get there earlier than 9!).  Hunter and Charlotte were kind of grumpy that we had to wait, but both kids quickly forgot about waiting once we got seated for the ride.  We all loved it!

After Soarin' we met James and Grey and headed to the Seas with Nemo and Friends.  I remember thinking that ride was kind of lame last time we went, so we almost skipped it this time.  I'm so glad we didn't, because I liked it so much more!  It was super cute, and Grey really enjoyed looking at all of the fish...real and animated:).  The Nemo ride kind of dumps you out into the waiting area for Turtle Talk with Crush. The kids had fun looking at the fish in the tanks there, and we all got a good laugh at Crush during his show.

When we left the Seas building, we saw this in the sky...
There was a skywriter spelling out Jesus Loves You.  We thought it was so cool, and pointed it out to the kids...who weren't as impressed with the message as they were with the mechanics of how that could possibly be happening?!?

Then we headed to Spaceship Earth and had lunch at Sunshine Seasons, which I definitely recommend.  They offer a great variety of lunch options.  After lunch, James and the big kids headed to Test Track to use their fast pass pluses.  We were nervous it was going to be a little scary for Charlotte, but they all ended up loving it.  I think every one of them said, "That was awesome!" as soon as they found Grey and I in the gift shop!

After that we split up again so James and Hunter could ride Soarin' while Charlotte, Grey and I met characters in World Showcase.  We headed all the way back to Morocco to meet Aladdin and Jasmine, but just missed them, so we walked over to France and waited in line for Belle.  Then we went over to the United Kingdom to meet Alice...

Hunter and James found us here, so we went to get a drink and snack because it was HOT and we all needed a little rest.  I had gotten so sweaty pushing a double stroller with Charlotte in it while wearing Grey in the front and an overloaded backpack on my back.  Since James and Hunter had gone to ride Soarin', I was alone to handle all of that, and it wore me down for sure!  When I finally took Grey out of the Bjorn I was covered in sweat.  Since we were usually napping or headed back to the hotel for nap at this time during the day on our other park days, I feel like this is the hottest I got the whole trip.

After our rest and snack, we headed to Canada to hear Off Kilter play.  The kids loved dancing to them last time, so we were looking forward to hearing them again...

Hunter was not in the mood for dancing, so Charlotte found a new partner...

I know I've got mad skills.

We still had some time to kill before our 4 o'clock dinner reservation, so we headed to the Donald ride in Mexico (I have no idea what the real name of this is)...
I LOVE that huge smile on Charlotte's face!

Then we went to ride the Figment ride and play around in Image works in the Imagination Pavilion.  At some point in the day we went to Club Cool to taste different Coke products from around the World.  The samples are free, but mostly they were bad!  Especially the Beverly, which I had been warned to avoid, but James downed one anyway and was completely disgusted.  It was fun to stop by and taste some of them, even if they didn't come close to being as good as our Coke.

I had made dinner reservations at The Garden Grill, which I hadn't heard much about, but we ended up really loving it.  The food was really good, and the characters were fun.  We met Pluto...
(Look at Grey's face!)

Mickey was so sweet to Charlotte.  She spilled her drink all over the ground and started crying because she was embarrassed, but he came over and reassured her that everything was okay.  I really appreciated that and so did she!

Dale, who was my favorite of the night...

And Chip...
Grey's thrilled as you can see, but at least he found those fingers to suck!  Always.

All of the characters came around several times, so we got lots of pictures!

I would definitely recommend eating there the next time you go!

After dinner, we headed back to the hotel to get in bed early because we had a long day the next day.

Favorites of the day...
JAMES - Test Track
CAROLE - Turtle Talk with Crush
HUNTER - Test Track
CHARLOTTE - The Seas with Nemo and Friends
GREY - The Seas with Nemo and Friends

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