Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day was Grey's due date, but we had already had him with us for 12 days by then.  Long enough for the adrenaline to have worn off and the sleep deprivation to have kicked in:)  He's definitely worth the lack of sleep, though!
Somehow I managed to get all of the supplies for Hunter's Valentine's party at school and make it up there to work it with the other home room moms.  We played Valentine Bingo with conversation hearts and had a stacking game with the same candy.  Then they decorated cookies, and after they finished eating them, they listened to a Valentine story...

Since Grey's been born, some days are no make up days...
I also made these cute s'mores valentines for all the kids.  And I really liked the valentines that Hunter and Char gave out this year (the blowing you kisses ones on pinterest...with bubbles and Hershey's kisses).  Pictures haven't been on the top of my priority list lately, so I didn't get a photo of either.  Nor did  I get one of the kids in their cute Valentine shirts from Grandee and Poppy which makes me sad.  You can kind of see Hunter's in the pictures above.  It says I love Candy.  He told me that all of his friends were reading it all day:)  Charlotte's had her name and hearts on it (in pink jewels).  And Grey had a Dr. Love one that Aunt Katie bought for him.

The night that I had my first bleeding episode with Grey, I started putting these hearts on Hunter's and Charlotte's doors.  There were some missed nights while we were in the hospital, but we made up for it and got all 14 hears on their doors by the time Valentine's Day arrived.  Here are Hunter's...
Day 1:  We love how helpful you are to everyone.
Day 2:  We love all the notes you write us!
Day 3:  We love how sweet you are to other kids.
Day 4:  We love how thankful you are for what you have.
Day 5:  We love your giddy laugh:)
Day 6:  We love how you are compassionate.
Day 7:  We love how you love to learn new things.
Day 8:  We love when you say, "I love you___" and give that person a big hug!
Day 9:  We love how respectful you are to everyone!
Day 10:  We love your sensitive heart.
Day 11:  We love how you play with Charlotte.
Day 12:  We love listening to stories about your day at school.
Day 13:  We love how you work hard to do things independently.
Day 14:  We love you because God made you perfectly for us.

And Charlotte's...
Day 1:  We love how you love to sing and dance as loud and big as you can!
Day 2:  We love how affectionate you are!
Day 3:  We love your silly side!
Day 4:  We love how much you love Greyson.
Day 5:  We love what a beautiful princess you are!
Day 6:  We love your hugs and kisses.
Day 7:  We love your vivid imagination!
Day 8:  We love when you say, "I love you _____" and give a big hug.
Day 9:  We love how great of a ballet dancer you are!
Day 10:  We love how you always compliment others.
Day 11:  We love your fashion!
Day 12:  We love playing games with you and your brother.
Day 13:  We love how you play with Hunter.
Day 14:  We love you because God made you perfectly for us.
I feel so blessed to have so much love in my life!  Happy (belated) Valentine's Day, y'all!

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