Thursday, February 7, 2013

100th Day of School

Hunter has been talking about the 100th day of school for weeks now.  This morning when he woke up, he slowly walked into our bedroom and said, "Today is the 100th day of school!"  He couldn't wait to see what they'd do!
We had been given the assignment of choosing 1 item to put in the class 100 days of school trail mix.  Hunter chose m&m's, so a couple of days ago, we counted out 100 m&m's in groups of 10 and put them in a baggie.  When Hunter got home from school today, he walked in the back door, and said, "My bag is full of crafts from today!  We hardly did any learning all day!  We just got to do fun 100 activities!"  It was too cute.
Here he is with some of his "crafts" and his 100 days of school hat...

After that picture, he said, "Tomorrow is going to be 101 days of school, and that is VERY special.  And when we have 200 days of school, that will be really special, too!  And maybe we'll have another party!"  Then later tonight he told me that he was going to make Grey a matching hat like his when it was the 1,000th day of school.  I love his sweet heart:)

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