Sunday, October 7, 2012


Friday afternoon, I was starting to sort the laundry while Hunter played games on my cell phone (his current favorite hobby) and Charlotte danced and sang in the kitchen at the TOP of her lungs (her current favorite).  All of a sudden, out of the corner of my eye, I saw Charlotte up in the air.  I'm guessing that she slipped on a small water spill (that I didn't notice...we have to use ice trays because our fridge doesn't have an ice maker and I had just filled them) and fell to the ground.  She immediately started scream-crying, but she is like her mama, a true drama queen at heart, so I didn't initially think she was that hurt.
I ran over and picked her up and she squeezed me with her legs and one arm and was holding her chin with the other.  I kept asking her to let me look at it, which made her more hysterical.  I finally walked her over to the counter and set her on it so I could look.  What I saw was one of the most horrifying things I've ever seen.  EVER.  (Dramatic?  Yes.  But it really was horrifying for me, y'all).  There was a gaping hole under her chin.  I quickly grabbed a wet paper towel and gently put it on her chin so I didn't have to look at it and so all of the blood would stop gushing.  I immediately panicked, yelled for Hunter to get his shoes on and grab Char's flip flops and ran out the door.
Once I got to the car, I was so hysterical that I realized there was no way I could make a decision without consulting someone calm, so I called my sister so she could tell me whether to go to the hospital down the street or to a children's hospital.  Somewhere in the midst of our conversation, Charlotte stopped crying, and y'all, I seriously believe it's because I was so hysterical.  Although I am emotional and the kids have definitely seen me cry - and get freaked out at bugs and reptiles - they've never seen me like that.  I'm sure she was so perplexed by my behavior that she calmed down quicker.  Which you know was totally the reason I was acting so outrageous.
I listened to my sister and took her to Children's at Legacy, which was such a good move.  They got to us really quickly, totally didn't judge me for my splotchy face and puffy eyes (I called my mom and James and friend Trish on the way and everytime I had to tell the story, I lost. it.), and gave my kids a total of 6 treats while we were there.  Plus they have slushie machines in the ice room.  Not lying.  Two flavors.
My mom got there quickly after we got put in a room and James got there soon after that.  Charlotte was AMAZING.  If I tried to take a picture, she'd have this super sad face, but when my mom asked for one, this was her...
Beautiful even with a busted open, bleeding chin.

The doctor came and said she needed "string bandaids" (or stitches/sutures in adult speak), so they put some numbing gel on...
...and that stuff worked magic.  She had to lay for about 30 minutes so it would numb her and then they came in and wrapped her up in a sheet (the only part that she was a little unsure of) and the doctor stitched her up - 4 stitches later, she was still a happy girl.  The doctor said he was amazed at how well she did.  She just stared at him the whole time he was stitching her and didn't even flinch.

When it was all done, she got a popsicle, Tinkerbell puzzle and tiny baby in a baby swing.  Hunter also got a popsicle, matchbox car and dinosaur.  I'm serious y'all...if you have an emergency, the ER at Children's - Legacy is the place for you.

She has done so well ever since, but I am having a hard time recovering...I just keep picturing her falling and looking at the wound and it literally hurts me.  I shudder everytime...James thinks I have a mild case of PTSD:)  Let's hope I recover soon.  I should definitely take a cue from this girl...

She's one brave little princess!  Our friends, the DuShanes brought her a get well balloon and card and that Disney doll, who is named Charlotte!  She is from The Princess and The Frog.

Oh how I love my Charlotte!  I wouldn't change a thing about her:)

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Regina D said...

this is the only hospital i take my girls too . i'm so glad you hose to go here:)