Sunday, October 28, 2012

Happy Halloween!!

We had a Halloween-filled weekend!  Friday night we went to Hunter's school's fall festival, but I was working the bounce house and wasn't able to get any pictures of the fun.  Luckily, I got this one before we left...
James and the kids said it was lots of fun!

Then Saturday night, we went to the Sims' annual Halloween party, but again, no pictures because I was too FREEZING to even think about that.  The kids had so much fun bouncing in the bounce house and we had a great time catching up with old friends!

Then today while Charlotte napped, Hunter and I made these witch's broomsticks that H had picked out on pinterest...
I highly recommend this as a Halloween treat to do with the kids.  The easiest thing we've ever made together!  And they're super yummy!

Then tonight we headed to Kate's church's trunk or treat.  Charlotte woke up from her nap afternoon nap right before we left and was really groggy.  We were running late (of course) and she was fighting putting her costume on (which is a page out of Hunter's book, not hers...she LOVES to dress up).  She even refused all of her princess jewelry, and it was then that I realized, she is probably getting sick.  We went ahead and drove out to the trunk or treat, but all through dinner, she was pitiful.  Once her Tylenol kicked in, she was doing much better, but still asked for a warm bath when we got home.  I pray that sweet girl is better tomorrow!

I did get several pictures from tonight, but both kids were so over their accessories, that they weren't in full costume.  And Char's sick.  And most of the pics are blurry.  So here's the result...
 Char and Myley waiting in line for dinner.

Hunter Darth Vader (or Darth Mater, as Char calls him) ready to eat!

I know.  He looks thrilled to be hugging me...

Ready for trick or treating!
The first car had this seriously scary witch that freaked out both kids a little bit...

Once we got passed her, they were a lot less timid reaching for their candy!

Vanesa was such a good helper!
One of the men asked Hunter, "Who are you?" before he gave H is candy, and Hunter just stared at him for a while.  Then quitely said, "Hunter".  We all had a good chuckle at that.  I love that boy!
We had a great weekend!  And now our house is full of candy...hopefully we can all have the will power to avoid scarfing it down in one week!

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