Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Little Graduate

Tuesday afternoon the whole family went to watch Hunter's spring program and preschool graduation.  Both sets of grandparents, the great-grandparents, Aunt Katie, and us Brooks were all there to watch our favorite 5 year old graduate.  We took up an entire pew!  I think he felt pretty special...

The oldest 2 classes (all the kids that will go to Kindergarten next year) sang Down on the Farm first...

I have a way cuter video than that one for this song, but it was so long that Blogger was having a hard time uploading it.  It showed Hunter holding up the cow proudly:)

Then they sang The Solfege Scale, which Hunter has had fun practicing at home.  He loves it when I do the hand motions and sing it really fast with him.  After The Solfege Scale, they quickly transitioned to Do, A Deer...

LOVE those hand motions he choreographed for himself!

(I was really proud of Charlotte.  She sat so well throughout the entire program.  She's really excited to go to GCE next year)...

The last thing the older classes did before combining with the other kids was to say their Bible memory verses, which was all of Psalm 23.  Hunter has also been practicing this at home, but we'd never heard him say the entire thing before the performance.  We were really impressed!


Then the oldest 4 classes combined to sing several Spanish songs and do one more Bible Memory verse, Jeremiah 29:11... English and in Spanish.  I felt so proud!

After all of the singing, we got to watch a video of pictures from the year, and at the end they put up pictures of each of the graduates with their moms at Mother's Day Tea.  Then they flashed a drawing made by the student that said, "When I grow up I want to be...".  On the picture, they typed what the child had filled in the sentence with.  Several of them got a laugh...a nail salon person, a ninja, a pink princess, a jedi.  Hunter's was one of the ones that the crowd giggled at...a cabin maker.  But what we knew that everyone else didn't, is that he meant a cabinet maker, which is what my father does for a living.  I immediately became tearful, and I'm sure my dad did, too...we are quite a pair at the movies...or family weddings.  I quickly dried my eyes because...

Finally it was time for the kids to graduate! 

Hunter was so excited that he jumped up on stage a little early when another classmate was called (Edie Hunter).  He was the very last one to walk across the stage, and he smiled perfectly for me to get a picture...

I am so proud of the little man Hunter is becoming.  Of course I was overcome with emotion throughout the entire program, thinking of how quickly the time has gone by.  I went to visit my dear friends yesterday to meet their sweet, little 5 day old boy.  I honestly feel like it was just yesterday that James and I were just as they were, sitting at home, exhausted, but overcome with joy as we held our first born.  A son. 

It's hard to believe, but now that tiny newborn son is our tall, lanky 5 year old boy.  We have been blessed to be surrounded with a church and a preschool that both love Hunter and teach him God's Word alongside of us.  A couple of days after Easter, Hunter surprised us and started praying in his nightly prayers that he wants to go to heaven with God and Jesus and that he wants Jesus to be his Savior.  I have prayed from his infancy that he would come to know the Lord at an early age, so I don't know why I would be surprised when the Lord is faithful in hearing that prayer.  He hears all of my prayers, even the ones that seem "unanswered" to me, but I wasn't prepared for Hunter to come to this point so early and quickly, without prompting from us...well unless you consider our Bible teaching prompting;). 

I love that kid so much and cannot wait to watch him learn more about his Savior and grow in understanding and intimacy with him.  Thank you, Lord.  For he is one of my "most favorite" blessings..."in the whole wide world."

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