Monday, July 5, 2010

Buzz...oh yeah, and Woody

WARNING:  For all of you avid Toy Story fanatics, this post contains spoilers;)

From the very second after Buzz Lightyear came onto the screen years ago during my first go at Toy Story, I resented him.  I am loyal through and through...and I don't deal well with change...and I almost always root for the underdog.  So of course I'd feel sorry for Woody - I never really understood why anyone would want to be on Team Buzz and not Team Woody.

Well today I  got to cheer for Woody once again when I took Hunter on our first mommy-son date, which was excitingly also Hunter's first time to the movies.  He was giddy on the car ride to the mall and kept asking what we were going to watch.  I must've told him, "It's called Toy Story" about five thousand times before it sunk in.  See, he's never seen the other two Toy Story movies, and only has this tiny paragraph book about Toy Story that we've read before bed a couple of times, but I thought was way over his head.  About 10 minutes after the five thousandth time of me telling him the name of  the movie we were about to see, he said, "Buzz Lightyear!"  I was really surprised by this, because there has been no talk of Buzz in our house at all.  Like ever. 

Hunter was probably more excited about the snacks than the actual movie.  Here he is waiting in line for our popcorn, milkduds (that's right, Amy!) and coke...
I promise he's not in pain.  That's actually a good picture considering how camera shy hating he is.

The theater was packed, so we had to sit on the 3rd row.  It actually worked out better, though, because Hunter had some space to walk around before the movie started.  Here we are excited for the movie to begin...
It was already dark when I took that picture, and since I felt like such a crazy mom for picture taking during the pre-previews, I opted against trying again for an eyes-open shot.  Just know that it nearly killed me not to, and I reached for my camera no less than ten times during the movie to document Hunter's sweet expressions of movie-viewing joy. 

There were about five previews and a short film before we actually got to see our friends Buzz and Woody.  I was starting to get nervous after the second one when Hunter began to ask over and over, "Where's Buzz?"  He enjoyed the short film, though and we made it all the way through without any big disruptions.

About two seconds after the movie started, Hunter decided to move over a seat so we had a buffer seat in between us.  I guess it's an inherently male thing, but I thought you only did that when you were with another dude?  I guess going to the movies with your mom is just as bad as going with another dude...even if you are just 3 years old.  Hunter stayed in that seat for 75% of the movie until I finally coaxed him over at the very end...just when it was getting really tense.  Really.  Tense.  Y'all.  Perfect timing for me, since Hunter loudly asked, "What happened?" during every scene change from the moment those sweet toys were dumped into the incinerator until the very end when Andy drove away - at which point I was horrified, because I was fighting back tears so hard that I couldn't even answer my son.

As soon as it was over, Hunter said, "I wanna tell Daddy what I did!"  And quickly followed that up with, "Let's do that again next week!" 

I'd say he gave it 5 stars, and was so impressed that he even gave me a real smile after the movie was over...

It couldn't have been a better afternoon.  There's no one else I would've rather seen that movie with...even if he is on team Buzz.

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James said...

Looking forward to taking him to the A-Team sequel.