Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What did you say?

Some funny conversations with Hunter recently...

Hunter likes to pretend like he's fixing the tv in our room.  He'll turn it on and turn it to a channel that's just static (we don't have cable).  Then he'll bring his Handy Manny screwdrivers in to "work on it".  The other day, he told me he was fixing it, and I heard him say in the most exasperated voice, "Ugh.  I don't have time for this!"  Between that and the curse word that he says every other day, we're going to have to really start watching what we say...especially since neither of us really curse!  Obviously we did at least once, though, because the kid had to learn it from somewhere.  And to clarify, clearly I don't classify this as one of the funny things my child says.

Then James and Hunter had this conversation today:

H:  Those are crosses on the wall.
J:  You're right buddy.  What happened on the cross?
H:  Jesus died.
J:  Good job!  Give me a high five.
H:  Do I get a sticker for that?

Cracking. Me. Up.

Since her brother has so much to say, Charlotte decided it was time to say her first word a couple of weeks ago.  Now she says it incessantly, and I swear will drop things on purpose, just so she can say it.  I got a video of it this weekend...

Not the best videography, I know, but I knew she'd start saying "uh oh" any minute once her leg got caught on the bed!

We are so blessed by them, and they are so blessed to have James as their father.  The last year at home with them, I'm sure has been a difficult one, but he has done it without any complaint.  I love watching the bond between the man I love and the children I cherish grow stronger every day.  Thank you for everything you do, James.  We are so blessed by your service to our family.

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