Sunday, June 14, 2015

Beach Life

After our fun beach day, we came home and cleaned up before dinner. After we finished eating, Nana had this fun candy game for all of the kids to play. She had rolled a bunch of different candy into a cellophane/plastic wrap ball, and each kid had 30 seconds or so to unwrap as much candy as possible. I started taking pictures during the second time around. We started with the youngest first, but I didn't get a picture of Keira until the next round.

It was a fun way to end the night!

The next morning, most of us woke up sunburned, so we took a break from the beach that day. Instead, we all went to the aquarium...

They had several different stations, even a shark touch tank!
Apparently, sharks feel rough like sandpaper, and not wet and smooth like you'd think. Hunter and I opted against touching them:)

It was another fun day!

We went home to another home cooked dinner and some of us relaxed in the hot tub, while the rest of us watched movies. Then right before bed, I walked into the kitchen and ran into Nana's kitchen table. I tend to be a little dramatic, but it hurt sooooooo bad. I looked down and my baby toe was dislocated and facing perpendicular to where it should be. I was screaming and grabbing my foot and my mom was telling me we had to put it back in place. I yelled "NO!!!" and she said she had some medical tape and that we could just tape it. I yelled at her the whole time she was taping it...I guess mothering is always a thankless job, no matter how old your kids are:/ 
Hunter kept yelling at my mom to stop touching me because she was hurting me (probably because I kept yelling, "YOU'RE HURTING ME!!! STOP IT!!"). And I guess he also said he was going to hit her if she kept hurting me. Yikes! It's not easy having such a dramatic mother, I'm sure. I try to tone it down sometimes, but I am convinced that I just feel more than other people feel most of the time. It's too much to contain. My foot eventually swelled up and turned black and blue and I hobbled around for a long time. I barely have a limp now, but my baby toe is definitely not as flat against it's neighboring toe as it used to be. You can still see a sliver of a space. I'm thankful that it's on the road to healing, and I'm ready to be able to walk like a normal person again:)
Stay tuned for days 4 and 5...

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