Monday, February 2, 2015


Happy Birthday, Grey!

You are 2 today!  You are growing so fast, but you will always be our Brooks family baby.  You are growing and learning so much every day. 

You are talking more and more with a little help from mommy or daddy.  And you love to run around all the time.  Your favorite place to be is outside, which is a little unfortunate on 45 degree days like today.  Mommy doesn't love the cold...or even like it, but you don't seem to mind at all! 

You adore Mickey Mouse and any kind of ball.  Basketball is your particular favorite, probably because it's big brother's favorite sport.  You love to throw and catch the ball, and especially throw it against the front door (or really touch it to the door), just like brother throws his basketball.  You giggle and giggle with giddy excitement whenever anyone plays ball with you.  Mickey and Donald are your favorite pals.  You could watch them all day long, over and over and over.  You call them "Memow and Donul".  You not only watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, but play with your tons of Mickey toys and almost always choose one of your Mickey books to read.  You are a little obsessed, but this Disney family loves it!  You have started to like Bubble Guppies over the last couple of weeks, too,  You call that show "Guppy".

Being your mom is my most honored job.  I am so thankful that God entrusted you to us.  I pray that you will grow to know the Lord deeply and tuck his love for you deep in your heart.  I pray that your heart will seek Him in all you do.  I love you, sweet boy.  You bring so much joy to my heart and light to my life!  We are so happy to celebrate you today!


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