Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Grey's Dedication

We dedicated Grey to the Lord this past Sunday on Mother's Day.  It has worked out that all 3 of our children have been dedicated on Mother's or Father's Day, which is really special.  There was a baby boom at our church, including 10 babies (with 2 sets of twins!) over the past year, so a lot of our friends were up there with us...

I was thinking on the way to church that morning about how thankful I am to know the Lord in an intimate way and to be able to freely express that without any fear of persecution.  I know things may not always be that way, and I pray that my children will be able to freely love and serve God as we have the privilege to.  My constant prayer for all of them is that they will know Him well and continually stand in awe of the gift given to them through his love and sacrifice.  I know I am so thankful that I was able to stand up on Sunday morning and make a promise to raise Grey up to know the Lord. 

I have been so blessed by these four sweet souls...

James and I are honored to be Hunter, Charlotte, and Grey's parents and love getting the joy of watching them grow into themselves.

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