Saturday, March 17, 2012

On your fifth birthday...

I've said it so many times to you already, but I can't comprehend that you are already 5 years old.  Just as you said the other day, "It feels like I was born yesterday" feels that way to me too, sweet son!  I can vividly remember those first few weeks after we brought you home from the hospital.  I loved you from the second I heard you cry when you first entered this world.  From that moment, I have wanted you to know how much your father and I love you, and even more importantly, how much God loves you.

As I was searching for the perfect words to tell you of my love for you, I came across one of our favorites, Nancy Tillman...

"I wanted you more than you will ever know,
so I sent love to follow wherever you go.
It's high as you wish.  It's quick as an elf.
You'll never outgrow stretches itself.

So climb any mountain...climb up to the sky!
My love will find you.  My love can fly.
Make a big splash!  Go out on a limb!
My love will find you.  My love can swim.

It never gets lost, never fades, never ends...
if you're working, or playing or sitting with friends.
You can dance til you're dizzy,
paint til you're blue,
There's no place, not one, that my love can't find you.

My love is so high, and so wide, and so deep,
it's always there, even when you're asleep.
So hold your head high and don't be afraid
to march to the front of your own parade.

If you're still my small babe or you're all grown,
my promise to you is you're never alone.
You are my angel, my darling, my star,
and my love will find you wherever you are."

And that, my little H, is so true....of my feelings for you and of our God's love for you.  His love is higher and deeper and wider than we can ever know.  You are special because He made you perfectly.

Happy Birthday to you, Hunter Richard!  I hope it was all you dreamed it would be...

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