Monday, August 30, 2010

High - Low

Our sweet friends leant us their cabin again this weekend so that we could get away as a family.  We had such a great time, and are so thankful for the chance we had to have some quality time together.  Here are our trip highs and lows!

High:  The Papes coming!  Our friends that live nearby came to visit Saturday morning and we had a great time!

Low:  Leaving:(  He's so sentimental.  Wait.  That's me.  We must've warped through the Twilight Zone this weekend.  Or Freaky Friday.  Or Prelude to a Kiss...yeah, must've been that one.  Weirdest.  Movie.  Ever.

High:  Getting to sleep in the room with blinds.  Last time we stayed in the bedroom that had nothing for window coverings.  You can see how pitch black forest doesn't mix well with my fear of the dark when there's no way to block out the creepy wooded 5000 acres behind my bed where you know crazy murderers are hanging out. 

Low:  The bazillions of bugs that decided to attack the house every night.  I never knew that locusts could be so loud.  Locusts, and giant grasshoppers slamming their bodies against the windows.

High:  THE PINE CORNS!!!!  Hunter actually loved all of the outdoor activities, but he couldn't get enough of the "pine corns".  Somehow, though, this is the only picture I got of him and his favorite piece of nature...
I did manage to get some other ones of him, though...

Low:  McKellee leaving.  He was so sad when the Papes left.  Right after they drove away, he said, "I love McKellee in the whole wide world!" which in Hunter speak translates to "McKellee is my favorite girl in the whole world!"  Melt my heart.  I did manage to get 1 picture while the Papes were visiting....
What?  Don't you see that foot behind the stroller?  That could totally be one of the Pape's feet. 

Clearly picture taking was not my the words of Ashlee, it's too hot to take pictures.

High:  That would definitely be the stairs.  Hands down the stairs win her vote.  Luckily for us, she didn't discover them until the morning we left...but that still gave us enough of a workout to cover the entire weekend.
And I think that's my cue to put the camera down...

But I couldn't resist one more...
So worth it:)

Low:  Sleeping.  Or should we say lack of sleeping.  She did well at night, but had zero desire to nap during the day.  I wouldn't want to sleep in that pack n play either, so I was least until the 100th hour of whining, crying and whimpering out of utter exhaustion.
Thank you Roberts!  We had such a great time and feel so refreshed!


The Hunter Family said...

I LOOOVE the pics of Hunter by the water- so beautiful. He's such a big boy. I'm glad you got to have a get-away!

Rikki said...

the pics of hunter by the water are great!! and we've installed 4 out of 5 necessary baby gates at our new house because of the dang stairs!

glad you guys got a little 'retreat'!