Saturday, August 21, 2010


I took Charlotte to her 1 year well visit this week, and she had a blast waiting for Dr Halsell...

Her little personality is coming out more and more.  My once sweet, gentle baby girl is getting a little more sass in her every day!  She still has plenty of sweet and gentle moments, though...well at least sweet ones;).

Everything went great at her appointment.  She's jumped to the 74th percentile in weight and the 76th percentile in height.  They did a heel stick to check for lead levels and she was so intrigued by it.  She didn't even flinch, but just sat and watched the nurse very intently.  She got her fair share of tears in with the vaccinations, though:(

The next day we were having family cuddle time (aka, make sure both kids don't fall off the bed with all of their jumping and rolling and tackling time), and I got this video of Charlotte.  I love it because it shows so many of my favorite things about her lately...

She could play that falling game all day long.  She'll beg to be picked up and put on the bed or the couch then get up and fall backward over and over.  And then of course she'll take a little 2 or 3 second break to suck her thumb before starting the whole process over again.  I love that girl!  I can't believe she's already ONE!

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