Saturday, May 22, 2010


Hunter's current favorite word is "special".  It started with him saying, "I love you so much in the whole world.  You're special."  But then it morphed into, "I love you so much in the whole special world."  And now, he just throws it in whenever he can.  He'll gently pat Charlotte while he sweetly says, "Special baby."  He often tells me he missed me while I was at work, but now sometimes refers to it as "special work".  He has also started making up words and putting the word "special" in front of them in his sentences.

I love that kid so much.  He sure is special;) 


The Hunter Family said...

I love when they learn new words like that--- but aren't exactly sure how to use them. Daphne did that with exciting. Except she said "deciding". Like "I'm so deciding!" or "This cereal is so deciding"! I can't wait to see him!

Rikki said...

he IS so special! i love age 3, don't you?