Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's Official

So it turns out that sweet baby girl of mine, is approaching toddlerhood at lightning speed. 

She chows down on real people food, and loves it all.  Even the lima beans y'all.  Both my kids happily eat lima beans, and I know I should be thankful for this, but I have to admit, it grosses me out just a little.

She takes a bath with big brother now...
Both of them have so much fun splashing around together.

And probably the most exciting news, she started crawling yesterday (for super short distances, but I'll take it!)!  She's been working on it so hard, and has been transitioning between sitting and supine/quadruped for several weeks now.  Up until yesterday she'd lunge forward or rock back and forth or, her favorite move, back her self all over the room, but now she actually moves victoriously forward a foot or two before collapsing to the ground:)  We took these pictures and video last week when she was still trying to work it all out...
And apparently it's also official that Hunter is deep into the threes.  To all of my friends who warned me that three was worse than two in tantrums and whinyness, I confess that I didn't believe you.  Now I do.  He sure is sweet when he wants to be though, so I think we'll keep him;)

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Trina said...

I had a great time with y'all Sunday afternoon...everyone was in a happy mood. Sorry Kate wasn't with us.