Saturday, September 5, 2015

Go Cowboys!

I found Cowboy's tickets on Living Social back in May, so I bought them for Father's Day for James. Last Thursday was finally the night of the big game, and James and I decided it would be fun for Hunter to go along. You can't really tell, but he was excited:)...
And because several people on FB have been confused, just want to clarify that's James standing with Hunter, not Tony Romo. This is the 3rd separate instance where James has been told that he looks like Tony Romo, and you better believe that he's eating it up:)

James took several pictures and texted them to me throughout the night...

At one point, the Cowboys scored two touchdowns pretty close together, and James said he wished he would've videoed Hunter because he was freaking out. I can only imagine...he did learn from the best. Hunter's quote of the night, "This is the most epic game ever!"
I'd say it was definitely money well spent! (Especially since we got the tickets for less than the parking). Hopefully the rest of the season is as good as the night was for them!

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Trina Johnson said...

I can hear Hunter saying that. He impressed me that night at the Sachse game. He knows more about football than I ever will