Thursday, August 14, 2014


(This post is ridiculously late, but our summer has been just that.  Ridiculous.  We're so busy, and honestly I wrote this pretty soon after her birthday and forgot to publish, so I'm not as neglectful as it seems;)).

Sweet Charlotte,
You're five! (and a couple of days:)), and I love the girl God's grown you into.  We went to see Dr. Halsell for your 5 year check up today, and she said there was something about your face that made you look more mature than a five year old.  You are always getting compliments on your gorgeous face, but you are so much more than that, baby girl.  God made you for a purpose.  He has a special plan for your life and has given you unique gifts and talents to fulfill your purpose and follow that plan for His glory. 

Since I'm feeling so creative tonight, I'm going to give you 9 of my favorite things about you right now in a special pattern (since you're so into patterns these days;)....

Complimentary - You really know how to make people feel special!  You always find someway to compliment those around you.
Happy - You are so giggly and love to have fun! 
Affectionate - you love to give kisses and hugs to your friends and family.  Physical touch and Words of Affirmation are definitely your top 2 love languages.
Real - I love real, genuine people.  I'm an open book and have always been drawn to people that are transparent.  We all know who God made you, because you aren't afraid to show any of us the real you.  The good, bad, and ugly is out there for all of us to see, and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I often tell you to like what you like and do what you want and have the opinion that you truly have.  I pray that these words will stick with you, and that as you grow older, you can be confident in who you are.  A strong, confident girl is a beautiful one.  The thoughts you have are valid and important.  Don't change or hide them to align more with other girls.
Loud - I'm not sure this would be one of Daddy's favorites, but I love how sure you are of yourself.  I don't always succeed, but I try hard not to squash your spirit, which is a loud, feisty one!  You love to sing most of all and do it at the TOP of your lungs!
Organized - You come by this honestly, since Daddy and I are both crazy organizers!  One of your favorite things is to go through your toys and find places for them.  Hey, that's one of my favorite things, too!
Thankful - You are so well mannered and make sure to always thank people who serve you.  You tell me thanks for dinner every night, even if it's not a meal you were a super fan of.
Thoughtful - You often think of other people.  Whenever you ask for a piece of gum or a cookie, you ask if you can get one for your brother, too (most of the time;)).  I hope you keep that nurturing, loving attitude as you grow older.
Expressive - You are the ultimate performer!  I can't wait to see how you grow into this even more.

We love you, Charlotte!  Excited for your sixth year!

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