Thursday, January 31, 2013

Snow White

My friend, Monica, told us that Sachse High School was putting on Snow White tonight, so I asked Charlotte if she wanted to go see it, and she was uber excited.  Hunter...not so much.  He kept wavering back and forth about whether he wanted to go, and ultimately decided that he needed to stay home and rest:) 

So Charlotte and I went out for a girls' night to do one of her favorite things.  (Anything involving princesses falls within the realm of that girl's favorite things). 

I barely have any pictures of myself from this pregnancy.  When I was filling out Grey's baby book the other day, I noticed there is a spot for a pregnant picture of myself (awesome), so James snapped a couple of the two of us before we left.

I am pretty swollen and definitely have pregnancy nose...
...and you almost can't see sweet Charlotte's face because of my big belly!  People always tell me that I'm so small for how far I am, but I feel like I've really popped out the last couple of weeks.  I was telling my OB on Tuesday about how people comment on how small my belly is, and I asked him if he thought I wasn't very big and that maybe my uterus just didn't get very big.  He looked at me like I was eyebrow lifted, with a face that said, "Girl, go look in the mirror."  Of course he's too kind (and wise!) to ever actually say that to me:)

Charlotte was giddy with excitement.  She kept screeching, "I'm so excited!" with the hugest grin, but everytime I'd ask to take a picure, she'd beg me not to...
So eventually I stopped trying and just took a picture of her ticket:)...

She loved the show, and excitedly told James all about it when we got home.  Such a fun girls' night with my sweet Char!

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