Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Hunter has always had a vivid imagination.  I love this about him.  One of my favorite things to do is to stand outside his door and listen to him play.  The dialogue that he creates is wildly imaginative and often hysterical. 

Recently I've started to notice that Hunter talks a lot about someone named Jenny during his play time.  At first I thought he must have a new kid in his class at school, and he was just pretending like he was playing with her in his room, but whenever I'd ask about kids at school, Jenny's name would never come up.  So after some eavesdropping loving parent observation during playtime and some probing, I've come to realize that Jenny is not a classmate of Hunter's, but his imaginary friend.  Oh, and Jenny's a boy...told you he had a vivid imagination.

I have mixed feelings about Jenny.  I think imaginary friends are kind of cute, but the extremist in me is tempted to google early signs of Schizophrenia online so I can see if there's a link between the two.  It just kind of creeps me out to think that he has a friend that he plays with and talks to (and according to Katie, often yells at in the morning while he's playing in his room alone).  So my plan for now is to ignore Jenny's existence and hope that he goes away...and hope that we're not in for years of mishaps at the hands of Drop Dead Fred....er, I mean Jenny.

For now, I'm thankful for the real friendships that Hunter has...
Here's to fostering relationships with actual, living humans.  That's my parenting mantra for the week...human friends are good.  Let's have more of them.


The May Family said...

Molly has had several imaginary friends. Two of them would ride in the car with her all thetime and we had to buckle them. Now, we are free of invisible people--- at least until Gabey meets some.

Lipe Family said...

Totally normal! And, awesome that he can play so well alone :) Very cute picture of he and T (I'm assuming?)

The Hunter Family said...

Hey!! I had an imaginary friend named Betsy. And I turned out sorta normal. Sorta. Imaginative Play is good. Wouldn't you rather he yell at Jenny than at Charlotte? I know it feels weird, but It gives him freedom to role play and create scenarios without fear of judgement from the other play mate. One day, you'll probably want to throttle one of his actual friends for getting him into trouble and you'll wish Jenny was around to talk him out of it. :) I love it! He's such a great boy!!